Layaway Scheme


Lay away service only: We are currently unable to take any deposits or payments for instalments online at the present time, this is due to a technical issue. Please call us on 01302 325275 to make any lay away deposits or payments. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


We are pleased to be able to offer a lay away scheme in order to assist customers with their purchases. The lay away scheme allows you to reserve an item with an initial payment of 25% and pay the remaining deposit within a fixed number of payments which must be completed within 8 weeks. The amount of payments which must be made do differ, and are reflective on the price of the item. For an item with a greater price more payments have been added whereas for a less expensive item there are few instalments to be made. Irrelevant of the number of payments necessary, they must still be made within 8 weeks from the initial payment or the deposit will be forefitted. Please note that items will not be sent out until the final balance has been settled.

Please note that all deposits Shall be forfeited should the order be cancelled or returned for any reason due to restocking charges.

To discuss terms further please call for details: 01302325275.